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A useful and fulfilling manual job

After several temporary missions, Élodie Barba signed a permanent working contract in July 2021 within Votat. She started as a press operator and quickly evolved to become assembler on a folding machine. Far from her commercial and notary studies, at the age of 26, she flourished in this profession that allowed her to work with her hands and feel useful.

The small size of the company facilitates relationships between people. But above all, Philippe Marillaud favours the human side and ensures that everyone feels good at work.

I was able to quickly evolve from operator on press to assembler. I love learning, working with my hands and this work is fulfilling and rewarding for me. It’s a company where people have a chance to stand out.

I can be completely natural at work and I appreciate the great help that exists in the teams. Schedules also allow me to balance my professional and private life.

I love working with my hands and it is gratifying to see that parts we make are useful to everyone in everyday life.

There is no difficulty being a woman in this factory. My male colleagues consider me on an equal footing. Everyone is just aware that there is a difference in physical strength, but everyone is showing goodwill and benevolence. The dinner that Mr. Marillaud organizes once or twice a year makes it possible to bring everyone together, to discuss with everyone without hierarchical relationships.


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