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A positive experience as an operator

At the age of 31, Gwendoline Michez signed a permanent working contract with Votat after working there during temporary missions and then after she signed a fixed-term contract. Holder of a BEP Service à la personne, a profesionnal baccalauréat in rural areas and a diploma of instructor-educator, if she does not lose sight of her ambition to become a host family, she draws all the positive from this experience. For the past four years, she has held the position of operator, working on the mechanical tasks, folding machines and some automatic machines, and gives the company the benefit of her attention, her sense of solidarity and her ability to help others.

I like the autonomy I have, teamwork and mutual help.

There are only six women in the workshops. But there is no difference with men: what matters is the work you do and you should not be afraid of getting your hands dirty. There is a lot of spontaneous mutual aid.

Coming to this company is a bit like having a small family: you should not be afraid to ask when you need help, there is always someone to help, accompany, support.

From the moment people experienced my dyslexia, I have always met a lot of kindness and understanding to allow me to adapt or explain things again.

When in the factory we welcomed people in ESAT, I was able to spontaneously put my knowledge at the service of the company to ensure that people with disabilities find their place and work calmly.


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