Internal training and development

A benevolent HR policy

It is important to us that the men and women who collaborate with Votat work in a fulfilling and cordial environment. This sense of well-being and accomplishment within the company allows our teams to invest themselves to sustain Votat’s success. Their commitment requires a caring and rewarding human resources policy.

Promote skill development

Votat regularly evolves internally. Continuing education supports the growth of the expertise of people who deserve it. Each person who demonstrates adherence and desire has here all the opportunities to grow.

Relevant training plans

Votat’s credo is that everyone has a chance in our company. We recruit without requiring a minimum degree. We provide considerable support to beginners through training both internally and externally. Our three-year training plan is very important to give everyone all the tools they need to succeed.

industry sharing values and knowledge

At the beginning of 2022, Votat implemented a work situation training procedure (AFEST). This process allows the development and internal support of our employees. In addition, it is a wonderful tool to develop the versatility of everyone. Some of our collaborators benefit from management coaching in order to transmit their know-how and technical knowledge about machines. Several employees were thus trained in-house in particular on the use and adjustment of the new folding machine.

Most recent career developments at Votat

In one year, Gwendoline THARSILE and Arnaud DUCHATEL, junior operators on presses, have evolved into positions of fitters-adjusters-operators. Both started as part of AFEST with an experimental professionalization contract. They now signed a permanent working contract as fitters-adjusters-operators.

After starting at the company as a fitter-adjuster-operator, Christophe GRENU became Head of the sheet metal workshop.

Xavier MENERAT has moved from the role of team leader to the one of technician specializing in methods and continuous improvement.

Vincent JOLY has evolved from the role of on-press adjuster to that of bending machine adjuster.


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