The metallurgy industry, a flourishing sector

The soul of Votat lies in the desire to move forward together, in human respect within the company, while making sense at the social, societal and environmental level.

Strong human values

The values that animate VOTAT employees and managers are based on the idea of doing well, the importance of the different professions, the commitment of everyone, the joy of working, the desire to share, the respect for the tool and the working environment.

Quality of working life, everyday

Votat pays attention to health and fulfilment, for everyone, creating a safe environment with recognition given to talented people. The company does not hesitate to be accompanied when necessary to improve certain points and take appropriate measures.

Strong human values
Quality of working life, everyday

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Welcoming the handicap

For Votat, it is important to welcome fragility within the company. A collaboration with an ESAT (Établissement et service d’aide par le travail – Establishment and service of assistance through work) has been established. But it also involves adapting positions for staff already present and facing a difficulty. The goal is to give meaning, to value experiences so that everyone can work with pleasure and in a fulfilling way.

Get socially involved

Votat is committed to its social environment by intervening in schools or through exhibitions of the institution. The participation in the operation Filles de steel was an opportunity to show that there are beautiful jobs for women in metallurgy and that they can thrive in the company.

Environmental responsibility

The company has its energy balance and an energy, environment and security referent and is constantly looking for improvements.

Several measures are already in place:

Focus on short circuits with local subcontractors;

  • CO2/kg produced calculation;
  • Waste sorting;
  • LEDs (46% savings) installed;
  • Low-consumption compressors used;
  • Modernize the machinery fleet while reducing energy consumption.


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