Fabricated sheet metal

The know-how of our fabricated sheet metal workshop

We strive to find the right solution to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The choice of process according to metals gives sheet metal parts good mechanical characteristics and reduces material consumption compared to machining.

Laser cutting

By using the large amount of energy emitted by a laser beam, laser cutting allows fast, extremely precise cutting with an optimal result, even for complex parts in medium and large series. Our workshops benefit from 15 years of experience in laser cutting for applications in the sectors of sanitation, medical, and nuclear industries, as well as furniture, decoration, DIY, etc.


Our equipment allows us to mass fold even complex parts according to the specific angles you want. We make angular bends, with variable radii or folds, and up to 3 meters. We offer a wide range of technical solutions to meet your needs.


For all your more or less complex perforation needs, we design the right tooling and make the punch to the required shape. We master conventional punching by removing material, by nibbling and by cutting press. This fast and economical process offers the advantage of producing any shape of hole. It provides an extreme precision of +/- 0,1 mm on the cuts, and is very efficient for large quantities. It thus opens up a very wide field of applications.

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Our machines

  • CN punching with TRUMPF TruMatic 2000 R machine of 18 tons
  • Two punching laser combinations: TruMatic 6000 L of 22 tons (CO2 laser cutting) and TruMatic 1000 of 16 tons (fiber laser cutting)

Our services

  • Our workshops perform shearing services with two guillotine shears (3000 x 12 mm – 1000 x 2.5 mm)
  • Folding services thanks to our three folding presses of 25, 70 and 80 tons (up to 2.50 meters in length)
  • Specific deburring on RSA RASAMAX MONO machine

Examples of fabricated sheet metal workmanship

Automotive sector part

Metal part in the medical sector

Shower panel

Brushed stainless steel
Sanitation sector

Soap dish

Polished glossy stainless steel
Sanitation sector

Stainless steel accessory

Medical sector


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